3 Keys to a No-Regrets December

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3 Keys to a No-Regrets December

If you’re like me, you’re still a little in shock that we’re now looking at a straight shot to Christmas. It feels like just yesterday, I was pulling out my summer clothes… and here we are, counting down the final days of 2017. If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that I put my blog to bed for December. So, as I sign off for 2017, I leave you with a few parting thoughts so you and I can have a no-regrets December.

1. Before you just walk out the door…
This is the season when we’re preparing to celebrate the One who gives us life. He’s also the one source of faith, hope, and love that will never let us down. If you make it all the way through the Christmas season with every gift wrapped and delivered on time, look picture perfect for the party, and your Christmas meal is on point, but you haven’t sensed God’s presence, you’ll have survived Christmas but not experienced it.

Not only will you have missed Christmas, but everyone who needs you to connect with God before you walk out your door each morning will have missed it, too. Fiercely guard your time in God’s Word and prayer each day between now and January 1, so you can have no regrets.

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2. Before you just shop till you drop…
Instead of trying to out-give and impress people while you spend money you don’t have, what if this year you gave gifts that spoke life? There are so many gifts we give out of obligation or habit. We go through the motions or we think love equates with cost. Some of the most meaningful gifts I’ve received haven’t been expensive. Go the personalized route. Etsy is a great place to find something that becomes personal when you take the time to order it. A card that says the words you’re too rushed or hushed to say could mean more than you ever know. Skip one more purchase and spend the time writing out what the people you love need to read. I promise you’ll have no regrets!

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3. Before you just push through…
There’s something about this season that at some point tempts us to choose to just close our eyes and push through. This is true when it comes to our spending, our eating, our exercise, and a hundred other details in December. This is where regrets usually enter. This December, make an intentional decision to take one day at a time. Guard yourself from lots of last minute regrets by deciding that peace, joy, and health are the higher priorities. This means you might not get the Christmas cards out or have the best decorated house… but you will have a no-regrets Christmas.

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As Christ followers, may we not live like the world as we prepare for our Savior’s birth. We have the opportunity to be light in the midst of darkness every day this month. What a testimony we can be if we choose a No-Regrets December!

What one choice can you make today to enable you to live without regrets this Christmas?

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