When Change is Coming – Part 2

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When Change is Coming – Part 2

Change. Some people love change. Some people don’t. As I mentioned last week, no matter how you orient yourself to change, you need to be aware that any transition marks a time when the enemy loves to get us off track. Even something as simple as the end of a school year or the start of a new job can cause us to become distracted and, before we know it, disconnected from the Lord. Instead of being unaware and vulnerable, we want to become women who are proactive and prepared in our faith.

Last week, I asked a question…

What changes are you currently going through or anticipating soon?

With that in mind, we looked at how we could make a plan to strengthen and guard our spiritual health during times of transition. If you missed that, please check out last week’s post. For today, let’s look at 2 other areas where we can disarm the enemy if we choose to be proactive.

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1. Mental Health – Guard Your Thoughts
I’m not just talking to the woman who feels like a head case. I’m telling you that even the strongest, most stable woman needs to guard her mind during times of change. I consider myself a healthy person… but if you leave me alone with a negative thought, the enemy loves to whisper half-truths like the serpent back in the Garden of Eden. Maybe you’re starting a new job and are hearing, “I bet you’ll fail.” Or maybe you’re preparing for your kids (big or small) to come home for the summer and you’re battling the words, “This will be a train wreck.” You get the point.

What we need more than anything is to keep the truth smack dab in front of us. In the Jewish tradition, they would literally put Scripture on their foreheads. That’s how badly we need truth. So, go find a couple of verses that speak truth and life over your situation of change. Skip the forehead part, but put those verses where your eyes can see them… on the dash of your car, on the refrigerator door, on your nightstand, on the TV remote, written in lipstick on your bathroom mirror. If you’re prepared when those negative thoughts come, you can literally speak Scripture right back at the enemy and tell him to take a hike.

2. Physical Health – Break a Sweat
Although I’m dissecting this into sections, the truth is that all of these aspects of our lives are interrelated. My physical health isn’t just about my nutrition, calorie burn, and muscle tone. As a matter of fact, very little of my motivation to work out comes from how it makes me look. I’ve come to the place of realizing that if I’m not exercising, my mental outlook is tempted to go south much quicker. I need to work out to keep my mind free from clutter. Whether it’s going for a walk, a run, or taking a cycle class, this is what keeps me sane. The stress of the change is released when I work out… and I sleep better at night.

My physical health isn’t just about my nutrition, calorie burn, and muscle tone. Click To Tweet

So, make a plan.

What do you need to do (and when do you need to do it) to get your heart rate up and allow your body to be on your side during your next transition?

Maybe one of my fitness friends can comment on what’s chemically released in our body when we exercise? Whatever it is, God knew what He was doing when He created our bodies and we should be careful not to allow busyness to crowd out the healthy ways of reducing stress and gaining mental clarity.

Join me next Tuesday as we look at one last vital area we must fiercely guard during changes. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts. What have you found helpful as you navigate through a time of change?



  1. Melisa
    May 3, 2017

    Endorphins are released;)

    • karinconlee
      May 3, 2017

      Thanks for the help! That’s exactly what I was talking about.


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