To Be Honest

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To Be Honest

To be honest… as Highpoint’s worship leader, Josh Maze, so eloquently wrote a powerful song about… I don’t feel like writing. I am spent. The last 7 days have been so full.

Full of death and full of life.
Full of despair and full of joy.
Full of people asking, “Where is God?” and others seeing God’s faithfulness so clearly.

The only problem is that those seeing God’s faithfulness this week were not the ones who were most desperate. In Maryland and Memphis – and literally across the world – there are friends in such deep levels of pain they still can’t make out the shadow of the Great I AM in their dark place. He’s there… but they can’t necessarily see Him.

Since last week’s blog about pre-deciding God’s love for you before the next storm of life, there have been more storms than I can count just among the people I know and love. Henry Blackaby’s wisdom of what to do when our circumstances don’t make sense is a lifeline of hope. The times of darkness are the most dangerous. It’s when we’re shaken that the enemy will want to pounce on our vulnerability and undercut us with one more lie.

If you find yourself struggling with God and trying to fend off one more lie from the enemy, please reach out. Articulate your struggle to someone who’s on steady ground so they can help you and pray. Don’t give the enemy one more ounce of satisfaction.

This morning, as I was in the Psalms for my priority time, I finished one Psalm and began another. What struck me was that King David, the author of both, articulated the lowest of lows only to write the next from a place of strength, faith, and confidence.

God’s heart breaks over our pain. He isn’t indifferent. Click To Tweet

God knows we’re living in a fallen world where sin, death, and destruction are present. It’s the antithesis of what He created for us. Through Adam and Eve, we chose to bring sin and disease into His perfect creation. His heart breaks over our pain. He isn’t indifferent. He suffered immeasurable pain and darkness in the loss of His own Son to provide us a way back to fellowship with Him in a sinless place.

We don’t stop at “To be honest” because that’s not the end of the story. As the song echoes, “No matter what the storm, my anchor holds!” It’s true. God is faithful and even when we can’t see the way, He will use the faith of others to be our guide.

God is faithful and even when we can’t see the way, He will use the faith of others to be our guide. Click To Tweet

Are you seeing God’s faithfulness clearly right now? Is there someone in your circle who needs to borrow your faith this week? Offer it up. Don’t assume someone else has already offered theirs.

Do you need to borrow someone’s faith? Don’t silently self-destruct, listening to the piercing whispers of the enemy. Tell someone you need to borrow their faith.

We were never meant to go through the storms alone.

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  1. Sheila
    October 10, 2017

    Such words of wisdom. Thank you for writing even when you didn’t feel like it. You are so right in reminding us that we better nail down what we believe about God and who He is before the crisis. Otherwise you find yourself on shifting sand.


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