Using Your Darkness as Light

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Using Your Darkness as Light

How many times did you have an upset stomach as a child? Not exactly a rare occurrence, right? As a mom, how many times do you wonder if your child is just milking it when they complain of a tummy ache?

Kristy was a more compassionate mom than me. So, in August 2014, when her daughter woke up not feeling well, she decided to let her stay home from school. Little did she know that an ordinary morning in Germantown, TN would mark a defining moment for her family. Just a few days later, she woke up in the middle of a mom’s worst nightmare: hearing that her 4th grader had a brain tumor.

At Highpoint Church, we’ve recently been in a series encouraging all of us to love our neighbors. For the Pelt family, their neighbors quickly became all the patients and families at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital where their daughter, Jayde, would begin treatment for a meduloblastoma. Over the last 3 years, Jayde has made a full recovery… but not without walking with neighbors who lost their sons or daughters.

There are so many ways in which God calls us and equips us to love our neighbors. It begins with being intentional to care about someone besides ourself. As a family dealing with a cancer diagnosis, the Pelts needed to know they weren’t alone. Recently, Kristy recounted all the ways friends and family were neighbors to them as they sat at the hospital, sent cards and Facebook messages, and reminded them they weren’t alone on this journey. Jayde was being prayed for by so many.

Yet in the midst of receiving that love, they were quickly compelled to become a neighbor to others walking through childhood illnesses. 3 years later, Kristy Pelt’s commitment to being a neighbor has only intensified. Whether it’s helping orient a mutual friend who’s faced with their child’s new diagnosis, or supporting families who have lost children to cancer, or constantly taking every opportunity to help raise awareness and financial support for St. Jude, not only is Kristy being a great neighbor, but she’s also calling those she knows to be great neighbors.

So, what have you done to help someone? No one wants to walk in Kristy’s shoes, but all of us can help those who must. If you want to get involved, you can join Jayde’s team at the St. Jude Walk/Run coming up on September 23rd. Maybe consider participating in the St. Jude 10k or marathon this December.

Know another family walking through darkness? Reach in and be a light.

  • What unique story has God given you that can be used to help you be a good neighbor?
  • What everyday, ordinary act of kindness have you been too busy to act on lately?
  • Like Kristy, how can you grab your friends and encourage them to be good neighbors?

Show some love this week. You’ll never regret it.



  1. Kristy Pelt
    September 19, 2017

    Thank you so much, Karin, for sharing a little of Jayde’s story in hopes of raising awareness for childhood cancer. September is childhood cancer awareness month. We now know that St. Jude is the best place that you never want to be. We also know that this community takes care of its own. We were so blessed to have countless many praying for Jayde (we so appreciated you and Andy Savage coming to the hospital on the day of Jayde’s surgery to pray with us along with other friends and family) and showing support from sending cards, texts, and letters to dropping off meals and gifts for our sweet warrior. We felt all the prayers and support that were bestowed upon us. I’m so grateful every day that God allowed Jayde to stay here with us. She went thru some very dark days, but God carried her thru. Jayde now has a beautiful story to share and all is for God’s glory. It is my passion now to raise as much awareness and money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as I possibly can. No family ever receives a bill from St. Jude and it’s my desire to make sure that they keep their doors open until they find a cure for childhood cancer.

    • karinconlee
      September 20, 2017

      Love the light that you are to everyone you come in contact with! Thanks for sharing Jayde’s story to help others!


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