3 Things I’ve learned from U-Haul

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3 Things I’ve learned from U-Haul

I recently had my second opportunity to drive a U-Haul truck. This is something many of us have dreamed of as a child.


So, as we take a turn to the lighter side today, here are my top 3 takeaways from my life-changing adventure…

1. Assume a U-Haul driver has no business driving that big of a vehicle.
There are definitely some people who are experienced in driving larger vehicles. (My husband grew up driving commercial-size vehicles for his family’s business… and our son had to get a commercial license this summer as a manager of a moving and storage company.) And then there are the majority of U-Haul drivers who probably aren’t accustomed to changing lanes in, or parking, bigger vehicles. Stay clear when you see them on the road. Really. It might be me.

2. The latch is important.
In case you’ve ever wondered, the huge metal latch on the back of a moving truck shouldn’t be viewed as optional. It’s only optional if you’re indifferent as to whether or not all your belongings end up at your final destination. As I pulled out of my son’s house with a truck full of his belongings, I was greeted by a honk. I pulled over to realize that not only had I not used the latch, but the door was wide open. Miraculously, nothing had fallen out… but I don’t recommend trying this stunt unless you’re a professional.

(And if you think latches are only essential to U-Hauls, check in with my daughter. Her mother may have had a pair of brand-new Hunter rain boots meet their demise out of the back of a Suburban we’d rented when moving her into college last year!)

3. We’ll do anything for our kids.
I’m always one to wave the flag of caution to prevent child-centered parenting, but as they reach adulthood, there are fewer opportunities to really help out. As much as I hate moving, it proves that we’ll do anything to bless those big people that came out of our womb, including countless runs to Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond, or purchasing innumerable Commando strips, or even driving a U-Haul truck. If my kids are anything like me, they’ll be asking their parents for help moving for decades to come. You’d better believe I’ll show up every time… and I’m sure if you have kids, you’ll do the same.

Carry on.

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