3 Ways to Keep Discouragement Away

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3 Ways to Keep Discouragement Away

Just like you, the last few weeks have blown my mind. There were moments early on when it seemed like the news was hyping another story. Given recent years, it’s certainly been hard to tell when they’re trying to increase ratings or actually provide a public service. Then, as the things we’ve seen as part of “normal life” began shutting down one after another, we were all required to acknowledge this new norm. Gyms closing, impossible to get a slot to order groceries, empty store shelves, being forced to cook (🤦🏼‍♀️)… and then even Goodwill stopped taking donations. It’s been quite a month!

To add another layer, I’ve been given the opportunity to help launch a private Facebook group for medical professionals in the Cleveland area to find prayer, support, and encouragement. As I began to read posts and talk to healthcare providers who are serving on COVID floors, I learned of the death of a beloved friend in Memphis who lost his battle to the virus.

I think most of us are stunned that we’re actually living through an emergency of such global proportions. So, what are we to do with this season we’ve found ourselves in?

Much has been written that I hope you’re taking advantage of: wash your hands, make a schedule, de-germ your groceries, etc. But with all the things that are shut down (BTW, did I miss “shuttering” in my vocabulary quizzes growing up?), I’ve actually struggled to find the free time that so many keep talking about. I haven’t organized a closet, cleaned a garage, or any of the various tasks I feel like others are doing. In fact, I have a garage full of boxes that still need to be unpacked from our recent move!

Is anyone else out there busier than ever before? I’m not even trying to homeschool my children like many of you are, yet I find myself overwhelmed with the number of things urgently needing my attention. Even with positive things like helping other people and serving in the church, this season has reminded me that no one can choose to be still for us. We have to choose that for ourselves.

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Yes, I’m having my priority time each morning and I think most of us are praying more than ever. But I want to encourage you to choose to schedule some time to be still. If we can’t give more time than usual to attach our hearts to the things of God in these present circumstances, it’s a choice we’re making.

Many of us are learning a whole new set of skills to work in our new reality. Basic things like groceries and food prep take on a whole new stressful life of their own. But it means that in order for our hearts to stay hopeful, we must allow our self-care to include more of Him. I’m right there with you. Less news. More God. Less worry. More God. He is our peace.

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Here are 3 ways to feed your soul and keep discouragement away:

  • Listen to sermons online.
  • Replace some of the time listening to the news with listening to worship music.
  • Email me at karin@bethelcleveland.com if you’d like a priority time guide related to Moving Beyond… beyond fear, failure, loss, and circumstances. I just started a 5-week online group you’re welcome to join in.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below. What’s your current pace? Are you finding yourself with extra time or are you busier than usual?


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  1. Janice conlee
    April 4, 2020

    Karin you are right on, sounds like my life.
    Looking forward to the study.


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