All I do is bow down

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All I do is bow down

I am a doer. I am not the one who sits by passively. I believe there’s usually an answer… a way.

As my kids have gotten older, it has become more and more apparent in their friend groups that they, too, are doers. While some of their friends resign themselves to the first “no” they receive, my kids seem to have caught something from their two parents that has caused them to be the problem solvers and go-getters relative to their peers. Most of the time, I see this as a good trait. But, like anything, too much of a strength can often become a weakness.

Like anything, too much of a strength can often become a weakness. Click To Tweet

Despite my typical “do something” mentality, I seem to be in a more passive groove at the moment. My blog last week was on “just showing up”; this week, my heart has been captivated by the lyrics of a song called Defender by Rita Springer. As we were recently worshipping with this song at One City, I began to reflect on the lyrics.

You go before I know
That You’ve gone to win my war
Your love becomes my greatest defense
It leads me from the dry wilderness

All I did was praise
All I did was worship
All I did was bow down
All I did was stay still

I have read about, taught on, and known the concept that the Lord teaches us to be still. But as I worshipped, I realized that I have also now lived it.

Being still isn’t just sitting down with your Bible and turning off social media to hear from the Lord… although that’s an important practice, too. Being still also means you let the Lord go before you. It means you don’t defend yourself. It means you have to wait when you don’t want to and trust the One you say you have faith in to do what only He can do.

If you’re in a season right now where things are going wrong, I want you to know you can trust God. He is our defender. He will lead you from a dry wilderness. Waiting stinks and being still is hard. But He won’t disappoint.

Waiting stinks and being still is hard. But God won’t disappoint. Click To Tweet

As I reflect on where we are in our journey of restoration, there’s still some waiting to do. I also see that I haven’t done it perfectly up until this point. As the lyrics of Defender say, I wish I had praised more; I wish I had worshipped more; I wish I had bowed down more. But true to His mercy and grace, God didn’t expect me to do it perfectly and He doesn’t expect it from you, either.

I’m not sure what you need restored. A friendship? A marriage? Your reputation? Your relationship with your adult son or daughter? Your career? Your finances? God certainly doesn’t call us to be inactive and passive; He will show us each step. But let Him do the defending. I’m here to encourage you that He will be faithful.

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