Early Adopter

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Early Adopter

I am not what they call an “early adopter.” I am not the one who buys the newest and latest phone or gizmo the day it comes out. I wait. I see what happens. I have to be won over. I am even that way when it comes to relationships. With friends, I am not the one to bear my life story over the first cup of coffee. I will tell you any of my dirt, but after a window of time has passed. I move slowly. My husband seemed to know within days that I was “it.” It took me about 6 months to get past my skepticism and all my reasons to remain detached before I even considered there might be something to this man. When it comes to money, this wait and see approach works to my advantage. I am not the one to struggle with impulse purchases. Of course, this personality bent has drawbacks… as you will see below.

The truth is, I have had the same battle with the BLOG. I was initially skeptical. Another fad… another place for people to paint a glamorized image of themselves. I have this fear of becoming prideful. I literally want to gag when I see people retweet compliments they have received. Even typing that makes me nervous. What is someone who reads this privately thinks, “Karin, you are prideful!”

But here I am…. call me the late adopter. I believe I am seeing that my greatest danger is not my pride (I have teens to help me with that), but my greatest danger is not using the gifts God has given me.

My danger is playing it safe. My danger is being too cautious.

I have recently put my “yes” on the table to God and will trust Him to direct my path. From an early age, I enjoyed speaking and had put my eyes on being the next news anchor, CEO, or Oprah…who managed both! In college, when I became a Christian, I conveniently made a distinction between speaking and teaching. Christians teach and that was different was what I told myself. Somewhere along the journey, I had to acknowledge that God gave those desires and experiences to me to prepare for something much more important than landing a job on NBC.

God has used many people to pour into my life and teach me about Himself. As I enter this world of blogging, writing, and speaking, I have a responsibility to be honest, be real, and point people to the One who makes this life worth living.

So, with my toes wet… I am diving into the blog world. I’ll be posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I hope you’ll follow along.

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