Silence – Part 2

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Silence – Part 2

In my last post, I mentioned my love for silence. Put another way, I’ve been labeled “noise sensitive” (insert eye roll) by my entire family, each of whom apparently functions like the rest of the world, listening to music and other background noise when they want to be productive. I’m not there yet.

And while I love a good quiet place, I decided not to remain quiet about a second dark side to silence: silence from God. Have you ever felt like you were on eternal hold with God? You keep asking for an answer, a provision, a breakthrough… and it feels like He’s ignoring you? 

Here are 4 things to keep you sane in the silence…

1. Don’t Order Waffles 
If you have any belief in God, if you’ve ever seen His faithfulness, then don’t allow yourself to waffle. In the last year, I’ve been challenged more than ever before in my faith, but at the end of the day I’m either all in or all out and God has proven Himself faithful one million times in comparison to my few unanswered prayers. So… choose to say you don’t understand the delay or whatever, but don’t let it mess with your trust in God. Put away the waffles!

2. Get a New Pair of Glasses
Newsflash: We can’t see the Heavenlies. Nope. There are many times when God’s at work in the spiritual realm and we simply aren’t privileged to see the results yet. So, don’t pretend you can see everything and are certain He isn’t already answering your prayer. He might be.

3. BTB
Believe the Best. This is as true for God as it is the friend who leaves you hanging. When there’s silence in any relationship, choose to believe the best. Remember the good qualities of the person. In this case, remember God’s character. It may feel like He isn’t answering, but what do you know is true about His character? We know from Psalm 145:8 that He’s gracious, and full of compassion; slow to anger, and of great mercy. Focus on what’s true.

4. C1MO
Check Once and then Move On. When God’s silent, we must be willing to examine our hearts and check for any work we need to do on our behalf. Has He given you direction and you’re choosing not to obey? Is there sin in your life? These are two critical questions. Answer them. Honestly. Your lack of honesty will only hurt you. But once you’ve done the thorough heart examination and dealt with anything He reveals, move on. God doesn’t hide conviction, so if the silence is because He’s waiting on you, you’ll know it. He isn’t playing hide and seek. But once that evaluation has been done, move on from kicking yourself over and over. In John 9:2, the disciples asked Jesus of a blind young man, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

People will constantly make assumptions about you during your season of silence. Some will be well meaning. Some will be trying to explain your silence for their own peace. Check with the Lord and don’t get tripped up by others’ commentary.

The silence is tough but He won’t forget you, nor will He forsake you. Skip the waffles and know that God is still good and still in control, even when He chooses not to fill you in along the way.

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