Singing in the Rain

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Singing in the Rain

I haven’t done a demographic study of my blog followers. I suppose I should… along with 100 other things in the SEO and social media world. My guess is that you’re a woman over 20, maybe over 30. If you’re younger or a male, kudos to you! You’re smart to hang around and learn some things vicariously that can spare you some bumps and bruises in life.

You don’t have to get too much past 30 to live where I do: feeling like you can’t keep up with technology. Every time I’m around my kids, I get an eye roll because I don’t know the 15 latest changes to IG, Snapchat, or music. I was really comfortable playing a CD and then the whole world changed on me and I’ve kind of limped along since. Oh yes, I have Apple music and I think I created a Spotify account… but most of the time I’ve been too busy to enjoy a good song. (Definitely too busy to save some money and consolidate all the music purchases my family makes. Sigh.)

Until recently, that is.

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I’m in a new season where worship has been more important to me than ever before. I’ve realized how I had taken corporate worship for granted and how much my soul needs the specific form of private worship through music to guard my mind when it begins to wander. Last Sunday, there were a few songs that left me in a puddle and I decided I’d make a playlist for myself and for someone else I knew who was struggling in their walk.

Can I just tell you that I was so proud of myself for creating a playlist and sharing it with them?! More than that, the exercise of finding just the right songs for the two of us was an exercise my soul benefited from greatly. And if you’re lousy with song titles like I am, then do what I did and text a friend who knows music and ask for a few recommendations to get you started.

Here’s my playlist. Use it if you want… but even better, find the songs that resonate with your soul.

Stand in Your Love by Bethel Music and Josh Baldwin

My Hallelujah by Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Prophesy Your Promise by Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Ain’t No Grave by Bethel Music and Molly Skaggs

Surrounded (Fight My Battles) by Elyssa Smith

You Say by Lauren Daigle

Take Courage by Bethel Music and Kristene DiMarco

Rescue by Lauren Daigle

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