What kind of spy are you? – Part 2

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What kind of spy are you? – Part 2

In a recent post, I compared two Old Testament accounts of spies checking out the Promised Land. When Moses sent out the 12, 10 of them came back describing the enemy as giants and admitting they felt like grasshoppers in comparison. Joshua and Caleb were the only two who came back believing God’s promise that Israel would be victorious in the Promised Land. Then, we looked at the two spies who checked out Jericho. Like Joshua and Caleb, this unnamed pair also came back with confidence.

As I wrapped up that blog, I kept thinking about both scenarios and couldn’t seem to let them go. It’s interesting to me that both times, it was the group of two spies that kept their faith strong. This is obviously a pretty small sample size to make a point, but I think all of us can fast forward to modern day examples and see the parallels…

When I’m struggling, I want to get one-on-one with a faithful friend. I don’t generally want to poll a large group on how bad things are. I want someone who will encourage me. But in a group, it only takes one person with a half-empty perspective to start the downhill slide of negativity and hopelessness.

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In Part 1, I challenged you to speak life over your current circumstances. Literally, you may have to have a conversation with yourself in order to audibly hear the hope that God gives us spoken over your circumstances. Things like:

“I’m more than a conqueror.”
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”… which, incidentally, was written from the context of being able to be content regardless of being in want or plenty (COVID, anyone?).

This week, take it one step further and strategically invite a friend who will be the type of partner who spies the future from a place of belief, so you can keep strong together.

Do you just listen to your grasshopper friends?
… the grasshopper news?
… the grasshopper feed?

If so, it’s time to find someone who sees the milk and honey. It’s time to take control of the narrative and what you give more life to. It’s this intentionality that can help each of us remain the hopeful light God created us to be, even when we can’t predict the future.

Find a friend and strengthen one another this week.

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