When you’re tired of trying to make it happen

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When you’re tired of trying to make it happen

As parents, we can often see things our children can’t. And I don’t just mean the top shelf of the fridge! We’re wired to anticipate. Having “been there and done that” brings wisdom and wise warnings… yet the older my children get, the more resistant they are to acknowledge this. Nonetheless, it’s still true.

One of the things that drives me the craziest is being able to see the train wreck in advance, but not being able to stop it. When they’re little, you can see the bowl of cereal and milk that’s about to get knocked off the table, but you just can’t get to it before the inevitable elbow sends it splashing and crashing to the ground. When they’re older, you see how procrastination might catch up to them, but the furious waving of the warning flag is ignored and all you get is a fresh eye roll.

In recent weeks, I’ve been watching a combination of details and circumstances converge. Various bits and pieces of conversations, texts, and phone calls had me thinking that, with a little help from me and God, not only could we avoid the train wreck, but we could also set our son up for a win this summer. I encouraged. I reminded. I prodded. OK, I nagged. I prayed. I had friends pray. Ladies, I had it covered because I was certain this was the way and the only way God could accomplish all that needed to happen.

Last week, the hope of my perfect plan came crashing down. I was left sad, and I was certain there was no way anything could come close to accomplishing all that my great plan could have done. I knew God was in control. I knew God loved all of us. I knew God was good, but it didn’t seem possible for anything besides a mediocre ending.

Imagine this: God’s recipe is sweeter… better. We just have to wait for it. Click To Tweet

Then came Friday. And in a moment, my heart began to flutter as I read a text that actually had the opportunity to exceed my little, precisely concocted plan. Imagine this: God’s recipe was sweeter… better. I just had to wait for it. As a matter of fact, I’m still waiting for it. It isn’t a guarantee, but it is a sweet reminder that I want to extend to you.

Where has your perfectly concocted plan come crashing down?

  • Didn’t get the job?
  • Didn’t have a son make the team?
  • Didn’t see the break up coming?
  • Didn’t want your adult child to go that direction?

Don’t give up. God is in the miracle business. And the fact that He concocts it instead of you means it’s much more likely to bring Him glory and that it will come to pass.


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