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11 February

5 Reasons you should Stop Striving

There are pretty people. There are smart people. There are athletic people. You know what I mean. Let’s not be so super spiritual that we lie and act like these categories don’t exist. Let’s also be honest and admit that we really struggle with the person who somehow manages to fit in all three categories. […]

9 February

Raincoats and Hearts

This year, my daughter had to take a Religion class as a prerequisite for some other courses. As a requirement, she was expected to attend a variety of religious institutions over the course of the year. On a recent Sunday, I found myself scurrying from Highpoint’s service to take Annika to her assigned church for the […]

4 February

The Mom Life

Being a mom is one of the most selfless roles a person can be given. If you’re selfish when you start, you quickly see how that selfishness is stripped away. In those early days, you give up sleep, you give up your schedule… and you lend them your body, for crying out loud! I remember when […]


  • I believe Karin and Chris were anointed by God to write Miss Perfect and I highly recommend it. It is all of the things I have looked for in a bible study for women for many years. It is transparent, practical, full of wisdom, and spiritual insight. It addresses topics from a biblical point of view that are no longer preached from the pulpit or taught in Sunday School.

    - Pat McClerkin
  • Karin Conlee is a gifted communicator who offers women an invitation to truly LIVE for the first time. If you’re tired of striving, or if you’re wearied by self-imposed rules of perfection, join Karin on an exciting journey to freedom. For personal/small group study, or even in a Women’s Retreat setting, Miss Perfect is Karin’s invitation (to women of all ages & stages) to live freely as the women God created us to be!

    - Kelly Johnson of Two By Two Prayer
  • Whether you are a young woman or more mature, Miss Perfect offers amazing insight for every season of life. I was blessed to be under Karin Conlee’s leadership in the first Miss Perfect bible study. God has truly gifted Karin with compassion, understanding and knowledge of His Word to help Christian women grow in their life journey.

    - Alesia Kempe