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14 November

How’s your garden?

To say I don’t have a green thumb is such an understatement. I don’t have a small amount of disdain for yard work; no, it’s my nemesis. Every time I think I have our weeds taken care of, it feels like a blink of an eye before the unwanted botanic life returns. There aren’t many […]

7 November

Picky People

Do you ever stop long enough to hear yourself speak? Recently, I’ve caught myself listening to the words coming out of my mouth. As we were hosting a guest last week, I found myself at a nice restaurant placing my order. As I ordered a steak, the question that followed was “How would you like […]

31 October

When you’re tired of trying to make it happen

As parents, we can often see things our children can’t. And I don’t just mean the top shelf of the fridge! We’re wired to anticipate. Having “been there and done that” brings wisdom and wise warnings… yet the older my children get, the more resistant they are to acknowledge this. Nonetheless, it’s still true. One […]


  • I believe Karin and Chris were anointed by God to write Miss Perfect and I highly recommend it. It is all of the things I have looked for in a bible study for women for many years. It is transparent, practical, full of wisdom, and spiritual insight. It addresses topics from a biblical point of view that are no longer preached from the pulpit or taught in Sunday School.

    - Pat McClerkin
  • Karin Conlee is a gifted communicator who offers women an invitation to truly LIVE for the first time. If you’re tired of striving, or if you’re wearied by self-imposed rules of perfection, join Karin on an exciting journey to freedom. For personal/small group study, or even in a Women’s Retreat setting, Miss Perfect is Karin’s invitation (to women of all ages & stages) to live freely as the women God created us to be!

    - Kelly Johnson of Two By Two Prayer
  • Whether you are a young woman or more mature, Miss Perfect offers amazing insight for every season of life. I was blessed to be under Karin Conlee’s leadership in the first Miss Perfect bible study. God has truly gifted Karin with compassion, understanding and knowledge of His Word to help Christian women grow in their life journey.

    - Alesia Kempe